Mark M Garrett

UnTethered: Drawing With Scissors

March 21- April 19, 2014
Opening: 6-8PM
DogPatch Gallery, 2295 Third St SF,CA 94107


This liminal body of work evolved before I was fully aware of its origins. My practice of folding and cutting maps with scissors and applying the deconstructed fragments to paper with paint became my technical mantra for almost 3 years. Their sinewy, emotionally linear, and ruptured appearance are visually reminiscent of Rorschach inkblots. There is often some evident duality, or a mirroring effect at play here. Though it was never in the forefront of my mind, I believe these maps fueled a better understanding of my/our subconscious minds and how a series of life altering events can sometimes translate into visual expressions. How our sense of stability is tested by our daily acceptance and/or denial of life as we percieve it.

This show came at a critical juncture in my life and helped me make a dramatic transition from a 25 year museum day job to a full time artmaking path.

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