Mark M Garrett

Planet Skins and Topographic Reliquaries

These exploratory surfaces vividly represent a familiar place in my childhood imagination & memory, as flight dreams were a common occurrence. My eyes gaze across these surfaces & hover in a stratospheric plane well beyond our livable atmosphere, but closer than our outer space.

These terrain abstractions evolved from my ongoing relationship with paper pulp, old-school 3-D casting, and a mixture of other forgotten or discarded materials like used teas, ground cinnamon, fine dirt, and recycled paper pulp from previous castings. Now they regenerate their own particular cycle of life as pieces of dried and broken topo terrains get rehydrated and recast.

Like a desert, watercolor pigments are greedily absorbed by this gloriously forgiving medium and often set a mood for me, or evoke an associated memory of flying. They concretely represent the most elusive memories of my childhood dreams.








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