Mark M Garrett

MAPWORKS: Observations by Gregory Sax



In a world where we are so often evaluated by our choices in consumption,

Mark Garrett's map works breathe into that landscape a new possibility of invention, and re-invention. It is not based on what we commit to, take in and purchase, but on the agility and skill with which we pass things by.


These sumptuously crafted reinventions of topography remind us of the potential to re-imagine the world. They hold out an invitation for us to re-order the conventional structures around us according to deeply felt authentic impulses of how things could or should flow. The resulting forms dance with the beautiful logic of a drunken cartographer and give rise to a sensual new geography.


Deftly sailing a pair of scissors though once familiar terrain, Garrett encourages us to carve new passageways of perception, parsing the landscape in spectacular new ways, sending entire continents drifting into poetic eddies in our wake, and leaving behind a radically re-imagined world. A world where matter is continuously open to being reinvented by the creative energy which shapes it.  A world of beauty and flow.  Of heightened sensual awareness, and  the powerful realization that our passage through this world changes it.  In a cultural climate of complacency in the face of catastrophy, or of finger pointing and whistle blowing- Garrett's map works quietly lead us into a looking glass, prompting the realization that we are each fully responsible for the shape of the world we leave behind.


May 2013



Gregory Sax is the founder of

Eagle's Creek Institute for Healing Art



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